Establishment of vinatex Nam Dinh yarn factory under vietnam national textile and garment group

The launching ceremony of Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group ‘s branch – Vinatex Nam Dinh Yarn Factory was held in Nam Dinh on July 22nd 2016. Attending the ceremony were Vinatex ‘s Board of directors ‘s member, and General director Mr. Le Tien Truong; Executive agency ‘s members  of Vinatex; Heads of Management Boards of Industrial parks in Nam Dinh province – Mr. Tran Minh Hoan, and staff of Vinatex Nam Dinh Yarn Factory.


Nam Dinh Yarn Factory project ‘s construction was started on May 2015 on an area of 2.5 hectares. After 3 months of trial operation (from April 2016), the factory has operated the production line of 14.000 yarn spikes, with the output reaching 90% of the output designed (average 240 tons/month (NE30)). From July 1st 2016, Nam Dinh Yarn Factory project has officially come into commercial operation. The factory currently has recruited 180 employees with the average salary around 4,5 million/month.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Le Tien Truong, on behalf of the Group ‘s leaders, congratulated the Project Management Board for having put the factory into operation in accordance with the requirements set forth.

For a long time in the North there had been no yarn factory invested on schedule and has enough neither quality nor preparation about employee.  Nam Dinh Yarn Factory is the first project in this area and one of the three factories invested since 2014. This is the project with the most complete and synchronized equipment systems in the North Delta.

In the forthcoming time, Vinatex Nam Dinh Yarn Factory will become a place to train employee for projects of the Group and its member units.

The duties of Vinatex  Nam Dinh Yarn Factory are to strictly manage, seriously implement provisions of law and of the charter of management issued by the Group in order to ensure the effective production and business; to increase market autonomy rate and executive autonomous business in order to mature not only in production management aspect but also business aspect and to be long term focal point in Group ‘s Northern Yarn industry; to research and prepare the conditions for second phase investment in 2017, ensuring a scale of about 50.000 yarn spikes for a better management and diversity of product.

Mr. Le Tien Truong emphasized that the factory needs to achieve the target set for 2016 in order to implement the plan for 2017; suggesting that the Management Board of Nam Dinh Industrial Park continued assisting in land procedures so that the factory can start second phase investment and focus on stabilizing the power supply for the sake of the factory ‘s activities.

In addition, the Group ‘s leaders handed the establishment document of Branch, Communist Party Branch and Labour Union of Vinatex Nam Dinh Yarn Factory.