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Tension meter ZF2 (SCHMIDT ZF2-20)
Made in:Germany
Guarantee:1 year
SCHMIDT is represented in more than 40 countries around the word. A 3-Roller Tension Meter which featured a measuring roller and two guiding rollers. This ingenious principle of operation has been proven to be the best method for tension measuring. The 3-roller measuring system has become the hallmark of all SCHMIDT tension meters and remains unsurpassed in its efficiency even today.
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 * 7 Tension ranges available: from 1 - 5 cN up 10 - 100 cN

 * Most popular tension meter in circular knitting industry

 Special Features :

* The analog display of tension meter ZF2 shows changing and fluctuating tensions fast and enables an optimal process adjustment

* Filament guide and roller shifting mechanism ensure easy acquisition of the running material

* Large, easy to read scale (54mm)

* Light weight


Model Tension Range Measuring Head Width SCHMIDT Calibration Material
ZP2-5 1 - 5 cN 43mm thread: 25 tex
ZF2-10 1 -10 cN 43mm thread: 25 tex
ZF2-12 1 -12 cN 43mm thread: 25 tex
ZF2-20 2 -20 cN 43mm thread: 25 tex
ZF2-30 3 -30 cN 43mm PA: 0.12mm
ZF2-50 5 - 50 cN 43mm PA: 0.12mm
AF2-100 10 -100 cN 43mm PA: 0.12mm

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